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Next up, Oct 4th 2017

Open Mic at the Feast of Fools

Open Mic Snook The Carriage House at Delapre Abbey, Doors 7.00 for 7.30. Bring stories, (preferably letting Richard know first!), eat cake, drink... though if you want stronger than tea or coffee please bring your own, which we aren't allowed to sell, but you're allowed to drink within the room. Please see our "What, who" page if you've not been to our Open Mic sessions before, for more information.

and after that, on November 1st 2017...

Debs Newbold: King Lear Retold

Back in the Bouverie Dining Room again. Prices to be published soon.
Lear Poster Another world class performer comes to Delapre! Deborah Newbold is The Shakespeare's Globe Storyteller, and this performance comes to us having been performed in that famous Wooden "O".
I can't do better than extract from the press release:

" ...highly celebrated Birmingham born writer-performer and Shakespeare’s Globe storyteller, delivers a moving, funny and deeply felt re-telling of Shakespeare’s King Lear. A story of human frailty and love, King Lear Retold catapults its audiences into the turbulent world of a man who gives up his life’s work and in doing so, loses himself. Building on her command of Shakespeare’s exquisite verse, Debs unleashes a dazzling stream of verbal improvisation and physical dynamism to transport the audience through this dramatic, shocking and deeply human story.

With her deep understanding of the themes of Shakespeare’s Lear; the story of a man defiant in the face of advancing age; Debs’ performance asks bold questions about how retirement can displace a person’s sense of self, and shines an unflinching light on some of the ways in which the elderly are viewed by the young.

The experience is disarmingly informal at times. Debs is a consummate storyteller who can take the audience from fear to delight, laughter to real tears with just a look or a word – her performance is deeply felt and often very funny. King Lear Retold is Shakespeare shot from the hip: direct, accessible, and different every night. Debs’ passionate command of verse together with her irreverent charisma ensures that King Lear Retold makes Shakespeare accessible in a new way: all the power and grace of the original text is presented by one voice in a direct, powerfully engaging, thoroughly modern style."

The New Home

The Carriage House at DelapreDelapre Abbey is the lovely place so many Northamptonians tend to forget about, tucked away off the London Road in Delapre Park.
Here's our little bit of it. The whole setting is a gorgeous place, and it belongs to our town, so it's great to be there now, as it's recently had a mighty refurbishment. Details are at and on their Facebook page

Details of how to locate it are on our map page, and I hope soon to post details of how to find our room from the car park, which is the first thing you see on arrival.
There's also a bus stop at the end of the drive. It's nearly 1/4 mile from the road, if you're walking!

Whether you're teller or audience, you might like to read the note on this link on storytelling etiquette.