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Next up, January 3rd 2018

Double Bill: Kevin Walker and Richard York

For January we have not one, but two performers, as Kevin Walker and Richard York both tell stories of journeys, as we start our journey into 2018.

Kevin Walker, making a welcome return visit to the club, brings “It Started with a Dream”, a collection of tales taken from the Buddhist tradition.

Richard York, who regularly fronts the club's meetings, tells one of his favourite longer stories, “The Hedgehurst”.

It Started With a Dream

Kevin Walker ... by Kevin Walker, is a storytelling performance with a difference.
Join Kevin on a journey…. a journey that charts the rise and spread of Buddhism across the world, but also a personal journey, of his love of Buddhist culture and values. From a white elephant, a disfigured statue, and a monkey king, to a secret door and a mysterious tomb, “It Started with a Dream” will delight, entertain and move you.

“It was obvious from its first outing that this set of stories from Kevin was going to be very special. Told from the heart and also very entertaining” Honor Giles, Word of Mouth, Manchester

“Thanks for a great night of storytelling, Kevin. Until last night Buddhism seemed something far far away, but you brought it a bit closer and gave it a very human face!” Dave Tonge, storyteller

Kevin Walker has performed at many events and Festivals - including that top storytelling event of each year, the Festival at the Edge - and much more, and is a widely loved and respected member of the professional storytelling scene, master of superb communication with his audience. He can claim to be one of The Feast of Fools' parents, as his excellent advice from long experience was seminal in how we set the whole thing up.

The Hedgehurst

Richard York Beginning with a mother cursed to bear a strange child, seemingly half animal, this story, with its cast list including a cockerel as tall as a horse, has evolved from some old and dark places and through many travels.

A multi-instrumental musician as well as storyteller, Richard was first attracted to it by its main character, illustrated in a Victorian engraving, which he adopted for his logo.
Naturally, music comes into his telling, as it does into many of his performances.

Richard has performed both stories and music for audiences in a wide variety of places, from Castle Cornet on Guernsey, and Coventry's new Fargo Centre, to the Raphael Gallery at the V&A Museum among many others; he's also a founder of the Storytelling at the Feast of Fools club, where he regularly fronts the evenings.

"Many thanks again for your wonderful performance on Friday.” Institute of Physics.

“An exceptional storyteller and musician." Guernsey Museums

“Richard York, master storyteller and musician..." The Times Newspaper.

Tickets on the door, and online here .

The New Home

The Carriage House at DelapreDelapre Abbey is the lovely place so many Northamptonians tend to forget about, tucked away off the London Road in Delapre Park.
Here's our normal meeting place, the Carriage House. For occasional extra large guest nights, we hire the Dining Room in the main building.
The whole setting is a gorgeous place, and it belongs to our town, so it's great to be there now, as it's recently had a mighty refurbishment. Details are at and on their Facebook page

Details of how to locate it are on our map page, where you'll see a picture guide to finding your way in from the car park, which is the first thing you see on arrival.
There's also a bus stop at the end of the drive. It's nearly 1/4 mile from the road, if you're walking!

Whether you're teller or audience, you might like to read the note on this link on storytelling etiquette.